What People Say

I read your monthly view about Thierry. I remember when I got saved; all the radios were playing meaningful songs. The world brightened up. I felt like I was on a natural high. I felt great. It wasn't long after my dad passed away. I was the biggest atheist before all this. I would debate people. The more I did, the more I came to believe. I thought about DNA, plants, water, animals, and our senses, and things just made sense. My heart changed. I was a big asshole. I stole, I cheated. I was angry. Things changed. People look at me with lots of respect. I don't know what they would think if they saw the old me. God gives you time to learn from your mistakes. Take care of yourself. I'll be praying for you. A big hug for my buddy, Jonh, PA.

I love the Abounding Love website. I'm big on the ALMS brochures as I've always been a fan of them. Remember when I would always ask when there will be a new one? That was early on, now I can download the ALMS brochures. I firmly believe the Study Chart Gallery is a fantastic idea, and if someone new to the site would follow everything that is in those charts, it would be a clearer path for people who have doubts in their mind regarding our Lord. Peace and friendship, Frank, PA.

I hope this finds you well. I am 23 years old. I recently read your book. As a person with disabilities, I have struggled with my relationship with God. Your story helps me so much. I've survived so much trauma, pain and bullying. I felt so lost. Your book is truly inspiring. Your ministry is so awesome. Honestly, I truly want to find God; to truly follow Christ. I wish you all the joy and peace in the world. I hope to hear from you. God Bless, Jake, AZ.

Charles, do you think the devil had anything to do with your choices back in 1969? The reason I ask is I sense anyone can be corrupted. Apparently, you came from a good family and somewhere along the way things went wrong. A lot of people think the devil isn't real, but they believe in God. I admit the devil is hard to accept as an individual of evil. I find it easier to accept evil as multiple sources. In the end, I guess you have to be vulnerable to the devil's influences. Maybe that is an answer? Some people may just be evil in nature. I don't know. Thanks, Frank, CT.

I want to share with you about my father. In May, 2014, at age 71, my father passed away. His name was Arthur, and he was a good man, but I had many unresolved issues with him that I could not let go of. I honestly could not forgive him for the things that he had done. Nothing illegal, no drugs, no alcohol, no stepping out on my mom; it was just things I did not agree with. These feelings tormented me, and I could not forgive him. I spoke to my pastor and my wife, but Brother Charles, I could not let it go.

I guess I'm as stubborn as a Missouri mule, and I kept on. Then, one day in 2021, it was like a voice told me to pick up a book titled "Will the Circle be Unbroken," by Sean Dietrich. Believe me, I'm not a big reader, but I believe the good Lord told me to read the book. It is about Sean's father who committed suicide when he was younger and left him with so many unanswered questions. I laughed, cried and cried some more. At the end of the book, I was feeling the presence of God telling me it was time to let it go and forgive my dad. And like that, I let it go, and it was done. A weight lifted off of me. I say all that to say it is always in God's time about what you ask for. The Lord never gave up on me. I say all that to tell you that what you do is appreciated. Your ministry is more important than you can imagine. Thank you for all you do. God bless, Arthur, AL.

Got your reply and I did receive my monthly installment of the word to my email. I liked it a lot. I'll look forward to that. Matter of fact, the entire Abounding Love website is pretty good. I've linked it to several people that I talk to and they were all happy to take a look.

I have told MANY people about your site and more importantly about the new man you have become. I have something to tell you that you need to know. Over the years... the story of Manson, Spahn, the girls and you have come up more times than I can count... and the MAJORITY of people over all these years that I have been in conversation with do not talk negatively of you and the girls. They hate what direction Manson took everybody in at the end but to the man... they all would have loved to have been part of the early days when y'all were free and happy. Bad things happen here Charles... and bad things happen to good people. Satan makes damn sure they do... but that does not lock your eternity out of your reach. You dropped what you needed to, looked up to Heaven and invited Jesus to change you. HE did and I am proud of you my friend. There is a place where time does not exist, where happiness is the only drug we need. You WILL be sitting on a hillside one day my brother... with a cool wind blowing through your hair as you look at the miracle of Heaven in front of you. Never forget that and know that I will walk up to you there and we will rejoice and thank our Savior for our salvation. Your brother for life, Greg, GA.

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