May 2012

It is such a privilege to share this month's view with so many around the world. "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."1

Bitter, Foolish, and Ignorant...

Like myself, you may recall a time when you were bitter, foolish, and ignorant. When we are bitter inside, we do many foolish and ignorant things. Listen to the Psalmist sing unto the Lord:

"Then I realized that my heart was bitter,
and I was all torn up inside.

I was so foolish and ignorant --
I must have seemed like a senseless
animal to You.

Yet I still belong to You; You hold
my right hand.

You guide me with Your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny.

Whom have I in heaven but You?
I desire You more than anything on earth.

My health may fail, and my spirit
may grow weak, but God remains
the strength of my heart; He 
is mine forever.

Those who desert Him will perish,
for You destroy those who abandon You.

But as for me, how good it is to be
near God! I have made the Soverign
LORD my shelter, and I will tell 
everyone about the wonderful 
things You do."2

Like the Psalmist, we need to realize that God does love us and that His plan for us is for the best. "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. They are plans for good, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."3

Cursed or Blessed...

Maybe you feel like your life is cursed. It could be that you're simply broke financially, and the future of your job is questionable. Possibly your children are in rebellion, and your marriage is struggling. As a result of the pressure, you may be experiencing a lot of bitterness.

I have the answer for you from God's word. This is what the LORD says:

"Cursed are those who put their trust
in mere humans, who rely on human 
strength and turn their hearts away
from the LORD.

They are like stunted shrubs in the
desert, with no hope for the future.
They will live in the barren wilderness,
in an uninhabited salty land.

But blessed are those who trust in the
LORD and have made the LORD 
their hope and confidence.

They are like trees planted along a 
riverbank, with roots that reach deep
into the water.

Such trees are not bothered by the
heat or worried by long months of 
drought. Their leaves stay green, 
and they never stop producing

When we make a decision to put our trust, hope, and confidence in the LORD; we overcome thoughts that cause bitterness. We become like trees rooted deeply in life-giving water. Rather than worry in times of drought, we overflow with the life of the Holy Spirit, who produces enough fruit to be a blessing to others.

Who do I trust?

Simply put, we trust our LORD Jesus [Yeshua], who is our salvation.

"Everyone who calls on the 
name of the LORD will be saved."5

Say out loud: "Jesus, I believe you died on the cross, giving your blood for my sin. I confess You as LORD with my mouth and believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead. I trust in you for my salvation."

Here are eight blood-bought names of God for you to trust:

  • Yeshua - Raah - the LORD my Shepherd, Psa. 23:1; Jn. 10:11:16; Heb. 13:20; 1 Pet. 2:25; Rev. 7:17.
  • Yeshua - Jireh - the LORD my Provider, Gen. 22:8-14; Ex. 15:22; 1Kg. 17:6, 12; Phil. 4:19.
  • Yeshua - Shalom - the LORD my Peace, Jud. 6:24; Jn. 14:27; Acts 10:36; Rom.5:1 Col. 3:15; Heb. 7:2.
  • Yeshua - Rapha - the LORD my Healer, Ex. 15:26; Isa. 53:5, 10; Matt. 8:17; Lk. 4:18; 1 Pet. 2:24.
  • Yeshua - Tsidkeenu - the LORD my Righteousness, Jere. 23:6; Rom. 3:25; 5:17; 1 Cor. 1:30; 2 Cor. 5:21.
  • Yeshua - Shammah - the LORD is Present, Ex. 48:35; Psa. 139:7-9; Matt. 1:23; 28:20 1 Cor. 3:16; Heb. 13:5.
  • Yeshua - Nissi - the LORD our Victor, Ex. 17:15; Jn. 16:33; Rom. 8:37; 2 Cor. 2:14; 1 Jn. 5:4.
  • Yeshua - M'Kaddesh - the LORD our Sanctifier, Ex. 31:13; Lev. 20:8; 21:8; 22:9, 16, 32; Ez. 20:12; Jn. 17:17-19; 1 Cor. 1:30; Eph. 5:26; 1 Thess. 5:23; Heb. 2:11; 10:11; 13:12; 1 Pet. 1:2; 3:15.

What can I do?

Meditate these names of your LORD. Recognize that all these provisions are fulfilled in the name of Jesus. Confess each name daily, and acknowledge the name as yours in Christ. Pray from your throne room position in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise God with the revelation of being seated with Christ in the heavenly places.6

A Prayer For You...

Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I surrender to You, repenting for my sins and for not trusting in You for my salvation. I believe that You sent Jesus not only to take my sin, guilt, and pain upon Himself, but for providing my needs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially. I believe my sins are completely forgiven because of the blood of Jesus, and because of redemption, my needs are provided according to His riches in Christ Jesus. I believe You raised Jesus from the dead, and I confess Jesus as LORD with my mouth. Thank You for this awesome gift of eternal life. Thank You for taking up residence in my heart and for inviting me into Your glorious Kingdom. I commit to serving before Your throne forever. Amen.

Scripture References:

1 3 John 2
2 Psalm 73:21-28
3 Jeremiah 29:11
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5 Rom. 10:13
6 Eph. 2:4-7

Acknowledgement: A special thanks to Sherry for transcribing this months view!

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