Mending the Body of Christ Behind Prison Walls

Can you envision the Body of Christ coming together behind prison walls in love for the purpose of winning the lost all around the world?

Below, you will find lessons, study charts and a building meeting plan for sharing the love of God with men and women in prison:

Mending the Body of Christ Study Chart
This chart touches on the four main areas of prison ministry. If any of these are neglected, the body will not be healthy.

Lesson A - Mending the Body of Christ Training 

Mending the Body of Christ Meeting Plan
This plan calls for Christians to meet together weekly as a Body, reporting on their assigned tasks, all joined together for a powerful move of God in their building.

Lesson B - Building Meeting Plan Training

Love IS All You Need
This is an article from Charles sharing how the anointing of love compels him to minister throughout the day to those where he lives in prison.

Mending the Body Priorities
This chart explains how the Building House Units in prison are the saint's Jerusalem, where the work of the ministry starts first. Only then, can it flow out to Judea [the chapel] and to Samaria [the prison yard], and over the wall to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Mending the Body Worksheet
This chart is a worksheet that helps to organize a food spread or banquet in the housing unit or on the yard.

Mending the Body Yard Evangelism
This chart describes a set-up for the Building Housing Units to have a powerful time of evangelism together on the yard.

Other Lessons

  1. Experiencing God's Love
  2. No Respecter of Persons
  3. The Spirit Reveals God's Love
  4. The Healing of the Heart
  5. The Spirit of Fear Part 1
  6. The Spirit of Fear Part 2
  7. The Power of Love
  8. The Revelation of Righteousness


What would God have you do to be used by Him? You can encourage prisoners and their chaplains to set up the Mending the Body of Christ plan in their facility. This vision offers to prisoners a plan to go forth from their chapels and cells into their buildings and yard with God's love. Make copies of these charts and lessons to send to your prisoner friend.

Thank You!